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Monday Morning

Well, this weekend was frantically busy.  I put the last of the first coat on the kitchen Saturday evening after we returned from Springfield.  We went down there to pick up the bottle of champagne we ordered for our mortgage burning party:champagne-bottle.jpg

Sunday was a particularly good day.  My friend Jeri came over, and after we played with Ruby a while, we got busy and painted the kitchen with the second coat of paint.  It looks fabulous.

My mom and dad stopped by for a visit, it was a real nice time.  They admired the new kitchen, and we all got a little drunk on margaritas.

My son called from Ft. Lee, and we talked for a while.  He is bored because he is on hold for his paratrooper training gig at Ft. Benning, and in order to keep him busy he is out raking leaves.  He opines that this is a complete waste of time since the wind is blowing hard while they are trying to make piles.  I told him to rake with the wind and let it help him out.  Jim told him to remember that he is one of the best paid leaf rakers in America.  His foot is much recovered from the pulled muscle he got a few weeks ago.  I think that it is just as well he is on hold for a little while.  He does not need to be jumping out of airplanes and learning to land with a pulled muscle in his arch.

I also heard from a friend of mine who moved to Oregon a while ago.  That was nice.

But mostly, I am enjoying the new kitchen.  Observe, here it is.  kitchen.jpgAnd like magic, almost everything is off my dining room table and out of the back bedroom.   Now all I have to do is dust and clean.  And get the replacement window installed. 

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