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The Daily News

I have a small tradition.  I like to walk around my property and look at what is going on, and pick whatever is blooming.  Then I bring it inside, arrange it in a vase and call it “The Daily News.”  I like to think of this as being an antidote to what the major media sources deem to be appropriate news:  war, crime, hate, discontent, scandal, pain, suffering.

Right now the Daily News is mostly chrysanthemums:  there are red, burgundy, yellow, and purple blooming right now.  They are almost done, it is getting cold (finally!) and they are in their final withering stage right before they get a haircut for the winter.  But I have news in  the house.  The flowers I purchased for the party are still going strong.  Today I took the blue arrangement apart and put most of it in the compost, but the star gazer lilies are just starting to really get going.  So I was able to combine the remnants of the blue with the latest lily.  Herewith, I present “The Daily News” for November 16, 2006:


In addition to this, when I looked out my new kitchen window I saw a mixed flock of male and female cardinals availing themselves of the bird feeders that are out by the mock orange grove.  There were at least 20 of them, and about 9 of those were boys all dressed in their brilliant red best suits. 

We had a wonderful rain storm yesterday, really soaked the whole region and we needed it badly.  But unfortunately, the wetness of the ground combined with the steady north wind finally laid the coup de gras on the north line of the privacy fence.  We have known all summer that it needed to be mended, but were hoping to nurse it through to spring. 

I find it interesting that it chose to fall over the very same day that I allowed my little sister to bring her problems into my house again, of my own free will allowing her to breach the boundaries that Jim and I had so carefully put up.  Not inpenetrable boundaries, just limits to what we would take in our own home.  And we allowed her to get herself so wound up in her drama that she began to abuse us and we had to ask her to leave.  Ay de mi.  So we must begin relationship building all over again?  Or was it a flashback, and if it was will she even remember it? 

I truly feel sorry for her, she is so bound up in her own process and her drama.  There is no room for anyone or anything else. 

And that’s the news, good and bad, from around here.

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