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I have less than ten minutes before the oatmeal is ready.  I have determined to get a post up before my day begins in earnest.  I have no guarantees that I will be available to do it later.

First I am going out to my friend Jan’s house, where I am going to make some more tie dyed t-shirts.  These are a staple in my wardrobe diet.  What I do is massage therapy.  This involves oil, and frequently I brace people’s arms against my body while I work on a carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow.  This leaves oil on my clothes.   So I wear a cotton t-shirt that is inexpensive since they get ruined pretty quick.

I love tie dye.  It feeds my desire for color, lots of color.   I have become an easily recognized figure around town due to my penchant for it, and while I don’t wear it 100% of the time, it is on my body a lot. 

Anyway, the last batch of shirts I made are pretty much ruined.  You’d be surprised how hard vegetable oil is on cotton fibers. 

So I’m off to make more. 

And, as soon as I get home, social butterflies that we are, we are headed off to a traditional annual party which is ALWAYS an epic event.  It always involves large quantities of blues musicians jamming out in a cabin in the woods with tons of food, lots of drinks and a bonfire.

The timer just went off on the oatmeal, so I’ve gotta go.

See ya’ tomorrow!  Have a fun day.

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