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Twenty-seven years ago, (and also about 27 pounds, for that matter) the Alaska Libertarian Party decided to have a presence in the Golden Days Parade.   One of my friends and I dressed as can-can dancers and carried a banner in the parade.

Once I was in my costume, and before I walked the parade route, my husband at the time took a few pictures.

27-years-and-27-pounds-ago.jpg  What I learned from this experience is NEVER decide you are going to walk 5 miles in boots like that!


Yes we had a swing on the front porch.  The idea was to do chin ups on it to increase upper body strength.  Believe it or not, I got up there by doing a skin-the-cat move which I’m sure I could not do today.  It took quite a while to get the dress rearranged after the ascent.

By the way, I made my costume and still have some of the parts of it stashed in the back of the closet.  One of those things that I have never been able to part with, for some reason or other.  Probably sentimental reasons.

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