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I went outside to play with my dog for a while.  Of course I got sucked into walking around the gardens to see what was up.  I cleaned the filters on the pond pump, and noted the need to clean some pine branches out from behind there.   Filed that thought for future reference.

After I threw the ball a few times, I thought I’d peek around the corner in my rose/day lily beds.  And this is what I found:


I found this to be so astonishing, I ran to get my camera in order to document it for posterity.  I decided to investigate further.   The hellebore (Lenten Rose) was doing this:


Not quite so astonishing, since they are supposed to bloom in the winter.  However, this motivated me to move to the front of the house.   There I found lots of tulip leaves emerging, also the leaves of the colchicums.  And a few daffodils have been motivated by the wonderful warm weather as well:


So, now we are off to listen to blues up at the Filling Station.  Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society (to which we belong) is having a fund raiser “Battle of the Bands” this afternoon.  Having proved the efficacy of black lace and satin to our satisfaction, we are just in the mood to sit around having a few beers and listening to music.

In this way we will be able to forget for a while the fear lurking in our hearts:  global warming and the upcoming climate change.

 Just how fast IS it going to happen?

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