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I have been off line for a while.  We had freezing rain and along with numerous other folks in the Ozarks, we lost power for a while.  No worries here, we heat our house with an airtight fireplace insert.  We purchased a little “ecofan” for on top of it a couple of months ago, and that thing has proved its worth.  Warm air circulated all the way back to our bedroom because of that fan.

We cook on gas, our deep freezes live out in the carport, so we didn’t have to worry about our stuff thawing out.  Other than the fact that we couldn’t watch football yesterday, which was just AWFUL for the significant other, we did all right.  And now the power is back on.

When the ice accumulated enough to bend the branches over, we began to see curved icicles:



I liked the look of the evergreens, also.  This heavy burden of ice caused a lot of branches to break, though:


The clothesline made itself into a work of abstract art:



The garden ornament on the pergola got an icing as well:


Lest you think all is wondrous beauty, here are a couple of shots of the damage in the yard:



We have a lot of work to do to clean up after this.  When Mother Nature decides to prune, she pulls no punches. 

Stay warm, everybody.  And bless you.

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