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Well, I have come to the local library to avail myself of the computer/internet connection there. 

We are still without power and have been since Sunday afternoon when the third wave of storm energy came in and put the final coup de gras to the lines serving our neighborhood.  Along with 300,000 other people in Missouri, we have no electricity,.

 My folks are some of the other 300,000.  They put their eggs into the all-electric basket  around the time it became difficult for them to haul wood to their stoves.  I guess that was around the time my Dad had his second shoulder surgery.  Anyway, they are refugees and have found refuge in our home, I have them set up in my massage room.  This makes it impossible to do massage in there, but since we have no heat it is too darned cold  for massage in there anyway. 

I find it slightly ironic that we are offering refuge to the powerless since we have not got power either.  But the difference is that we do have a way to keep warm, cook, and we have water available to us.  Since they live in the boondocks, their well won’t provide them with water without power to the pump.

Also, both of them have numerous trees down across their driveways.  When Mom hiked out of her place, she didn’t bother to carry any luggage.  Since her driveway is about a half mile long and has at least five trees down across it in addition to the hundreds of limbs, this is not that surprising.   Today, they went shopping for clothes for her to wear during the interim.

My dad’s driveway is about a half mile long also, and has a similar amount of down trees and limbs across it.  He has rented a car since both their vehicles are trapped behind large quantities of wood, and has gone out to hike in to his house and see if he can get the tractor running.  If he can, he intends to see about getting some of the stuff off the driveway.  I don’t have a lot of belief that this will be possible, but it gives him something to do for a while. 

Since the two of them have already managed to have a little fight about how to put a sleeping bag under their air mattress so that they will maybe be warmer tonight, it is a good thing that he has something to occupy himself.  I figure that as a good daughter I cannot in good conscience tell them to go stay in a hotel.  However, I also am not happy to have their negative energy polluting my environment either.  This inability they have to communicate is why they live in separate houses.  It must be taxing them almost to the limit to be forced to sleep in the same bed together!  I was surprised they lasted until this morning before they had this sort of encounter. 

Well, stay warm, everybody!  I probably won’t be back on line until I actually have power again. 

Bless you all.

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