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Ice man Part 3

Well, our power is back on, and boy is that a relief.   I have a renewed appreciation for all that electricity does for us.  Who would have thought it? When did we first start getting wired?  I checked a little history timeline, and found out the first electrical utility in San Francisco was founded in 1879.  So in 127 years, from NO electricity at all, we have as a society become so dependent on it that people cannot function without it.

Because our power was out over all the area, there were people who had no water at all because the pumps that draw the water from the community wells could not run.  Just because you have a gas furnace does not make you self sufficient either.  Most of the furnaces nowadays require electricity to fire because they have electronic ignition rather than a gas wasting pilot light.  And in addition, the warm air being created by the furnace does not get into the house because the fans don’t run.   

Well, it is back now.  And I don’t have any great answers about how to change the status quo.  I know I am not really willing to give up my computer!

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