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I have been challenged by the wonderful Charlotte Otter to write about ten things I like that begin with the letter “R”.  She wrote a wonderful post about the letter “L”.

 I watched the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” last night.  Despite the fact that it rendered me sleepless, I highly recommend it.   I sat up and finished reading a book I had started the day before, and then I went to bed and cogitated on m list of ten things I like beginning with R. Here are the results of my sleepless night.

 1.  Reading.  Well, of course this must top my list.  I must like it since I spend the vast majority of my time doing it.  Reading books, reading blogs, reading articles, reading tarot cards, reading the weather signs, etc. etc. etc.  It takes me away, lets me visit times and climes far from my ordinary path.   It educates, elucidates, entertains, exalts.  

2.  Roses.  I love roses, but only the ones that smell really great.   The hybrid teas that are purveyed by the florists, bred for form, function, and long shelf life, leave me absolutely cold.   Give me a simple Rosa rugosa:


All its thorns and its tendency to ramble through the garden bed by way of rhizomes is quite overshadowed by its unbelievably delicious scent and huge rose hips good for jelly or tea or winter food source for birds.  

3.  Rain, and rainbows.   I love the sound of rain on my roof, especially since I have metal awnings over my bedroom windows.  I love the feel of it on my skin, whether it is a pounding storm or a light drizzle.  The smell of the earth after it has been bathed is delicious.  Living without it in drought conditions is painful for me, my gardens and trees.  And of course, the rainbow arcing through the sky, or painting my wall because a crystal has split the light passing through it, or adorning my body on a tie-dye. . .all my favorite colors at once.   What luxury.

4.  Raspberries.  Fresh off the vine, warm from the afternoon sun.  Made into sauce for cheesecake or chocolate ice cream.  Jam on my biscuits and english muffins.  On a shortcake instead of strawberries.   Made into vinegar to dress my salads.  Just a little taste of heaven.

5.  Red wine.  Smooth shiraz, full bodied cabernet, marvelous merlot, robust chiantis.  All delicious, savored alone in my tub, in front of the fire with my lover, or in a circle of friends. 

6.  Recycling.   Just one small thing I can do to show my respect for the earth and its resources.

7.  Raisins.  In oatmeal, in bread, in chutney, by themselves.  Little packages of sun captured in the palm of your hand. 

8.ruby.jpgRuby, my beautiful dog. 

9.  Redwoods.  Massive, ancient trees, creating their very own micro-climates.  How can you not love, treasure and protect something that has lived since before the birth of Christ?

10.  Road trips.  With friends, or family, or solo.  They must be off the Interstate highways, exploring back roads to be really good.  Finding the local cafe, the artist’s gallery, the roadside attraction, the unexpected view:  all benefits of the relaxed road trip.

What are your favorite things?  Pick a letter, make a list.  If you can’t sleep, it will while away the long night hours.   My list wound up being far longer than ten items, I can tell you.  

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