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Where I work

Bloglily challenged us to post a picture of where we like to write a few days ago, and also to post a diary of our hidden lives.   I thought about the “assignment” for a while, and decided that it sounded like fun.   Then I looked at my desk and decided that I wasn’t going to post a picture of all the dust bunnies, so I put off doing this until I had cleaned up a little bit.


So, this is my computer work station.   As you can see, I am surrounded by visual stimuli.  The picture on top is one of a barrel cactus blossom that I took when I was on a rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  It is not clear in this photo, but there are three rocks in a little group in front of it.  One of them is a lovely ammonite fossil that one of my friends brought me from England.  Just to the right of the blue curtain is the window into my backyard.   There are bird feeders out there inhabited by dozens of freeloading feathered friends, and a pergola with a chiminea, elm trees, and the abalone shell wave.

Upon further reflection, I realized that this work station represents only one small part of me.   I ought to post a picture of my piano as well, but it is just a big black piece of furniture.   However, I spend a lot more time in my massage room than I do at the computer.  Much of the most powerful experience of my life occurs it there.  So I thought I’d put up a picture of that space also:


The window sill of this room is loaded with crystals, which show up in this photo as a blaze of light.   In the dark corner behind the massage table is a raku sculpture of a woman’s torso that I “Had to Have” the moment I saw it at an art show.   It deserves a viewing also:


She was fired in a saggar kiln, which is a special kind of raku work.  I love her, the fact that her body is not perfect, not anorexic.  I have her on display to remind my clients that our bodies, in all their wonderful shapes and diversities, are wonderful and beautiful.

So, in my Gemini way, I have revealed two of the disparate sides of my life.  Tomorrow, the diary of my hidden life.

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