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Is it only me, or. . .

The occasion:  82nd birthday of the father figure

The situation:  A small dinner party at a local “restaurant” arranged as a surprise for the father figure by the mother figure.  There have been reservations made, a cake ordered, the menu arranged in advance.  The massage schedule has been rearranged to accomodate the plans, the significant other of the massage therapist has arranged for a substitute at work so that he can be there too.

The story:  The couple named above arrive at the arranged place at the arranged time.  The couple represented by the writer and her husband arrive at the same time. All enter the restaurant, and are directed to their reserved place.  Wine is served.  The other member of the party, the youngest daughter,  does not show on time.  In fact, when she finally arrives, everyone has been waiting for her for twenty minutes.  The dinner, which was plated when we arrived, is served rather cold.

Her reason for her lateness:  “I was just about to leave and my cat almost tripped me as I headed for the door; so I had to sit and friend with her and let her purr on me.”

Is it only me, or is this incredibly rude behavior?

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