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26feb07 Afternoon news

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are 3000 words:

This is what the white dragon sees:


These crocuses are right by my front walk.


I got my peas planted, too:


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News of the Day 26Feb07

Well, the dinner party was absolutely incredible.   The food was unbelievably delicious, just the right balances of spice.  Our guests brought some very excellent wine that accompanied the curried and peppered things served magnificently.

I was slightly inebriated and a little out of focus when I felt motivated to take these pictures.  The candles in the centerpiece had burned down so beautifully low. My angle was just slightly different, and the exposures didn’t come out the same either.  I have had a terrible time deciding which version of this I like better, so I’m just going to post both.



The dessert was even better than I had anticipated.  We have had this at a “local” restaurant before, but Jim’s version was so far superior that there was almost no comparison.  First of all, the cookies were home-made, with Ghirardelli dark chocolate dhips.   They came out of the oven, and while they were still warm we plated them and immediately put the perfectly warmed up vanilla ice cream on them.  A couple of soupspoons of chocolate sauce (simply cream with more of those dark chocolate chips melted in it along with a dollop of vanilla) went on top of that, and then fresh whipped cream was spooned on top of that.   This confection positively melted in your mouth and there was not a scrap left after we had all finished.  Since we were at a dinner party, we all managed to barely restrain ourselves from licking the dessert plates.  

It was wonderful to see how nice and clean my house was when I got up.   The dishwasher was full of clean dishes, and once I got them put away, I could load it with the glassware.  Now everything is all tidied up.  With all that cooking, I am still amazed at how clean the stove wound up being.   The new paints they have come out with perform a lot better than the ones that were on the stoves when I was a little girl. 

This morning I have given two massages, both of which were quite challenging.  While I was working the sun came out.  It is turning into a beautiful day, and we have decided that we need to play this afternoon rather than work.  So that is what we are going to do. 

Honestly, I love my life.

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