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Labyrinth again

It has been brought to my attention that I have promised a picture of the labyrinth.  The photo below was taken with my camera by the electrical company’s lineman, who happened to be on the property with a cherry picker truck to replace our transformer.


It is pretty shaggy in this picture.  It had been a couple of weeks since we mowed the paths.   The bright orange spotch in the lower right is an asiatic lily in full bloom.  The bench in the center is a slab of sandstone from Arkansas, it is 5 feet wide.  That should give you some scale.  The evergreens in the center are skyrocket junipers.  They are supposed to get 12 to 15 feet high, right now they are about 5 feet tall.   They started out as little babies that were 3 inches tall, so I think they have done rather well.


This is a picture of a group of rocks from New England.   The states represented here are in the New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont area.


These are from right north of here.  The large flat stone with ripples is from Iowa, the round stone on the left top is from Nebraska, the sort of egg shaped stone on the right is from South Dakota.  The three smaller rocks on the flat rock all came from Bear Creek in Alaska.  The sort of red-purple piece is from the Johnson Shutins, a place north of here.  This is an old picture.  There is now a rock from North Dakota in that grouping as well.

I am working on a guide-book:  photos and a list of where each rock is from.  I have it all in my head, but I may not always be here.

Sometimes I wonder what the archaeologist/geologist of the future might make of this installation.  Will it confuse them that there is basalt from Antarctica as well as granite from all over the western part of this continent?  Sandstone from Australia and Arizona coexist with shale from Nevada. 

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