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What if we took global warming seriously?

What if we Americans used our vast resources to address problems faced right here on this continent rather than to bomb, control and occupy a foreign country?  What if the soldiers were at home building us new rail road rights of way as fast as they can?  What if the out of work were right there beside them filling the need for track so we can stop burning all that diesel?  What if the money we are squandering in Iraq was being spent here at home?   What if we were no longer flying airplanes and helicopters, and running tanks, Hummers, electric generators, and hemets in a foreign country and using fuel to ship them there?  What if those vehicles and their drivers were not getting blown up on a daily basis?  

What if we shipped everything by train?  What if there were no interstate trucking?  What if the only trucking was local delivery?

What if the satellite view of Earth by Night was not so well illuminated?   What if we turned off some of our security lights?  What if all the used car lots were dark?  What if we slowed down at night and used our headlights instead of all those street lights?   What if we walked in the park by starlight and moonlight instead of by street lights? 

What if sport utility vehicles were banned?  What if we all drove cars that got over 60 miles per gallon and ran on corn oil?  What if we all drove hybrid cars? 

What if our recreation did not involved gasoline engines?  What if we walked?  What if we pushed our lawnmower instead of riding it?  What if we raked and swept instead of running a leaf blower?  What if we rode a bike instead of a motorcycle?  What if we swam or surfed in the ocean instead of riding wave runners or jet skis?   What if we no longer used boats that had motors?   What if we skied down mountains and not on the water?

What if we did not feel like we had some sort of right to live at the same temperature all year long?   What if all of our buildings were green, and well insulated?  What if all our lights were compact flourescent rather than incandescent?  What if we used more LEDs?   What if all our power was generated in clean coal plants?   What if the coal companies were not allowed to blow the tops off of mountains in West Virginia?

What if no one bought any teak?  What if no one bought any mahogany?  What if it was a capital crime to cut down a rainforest tree?  What if people did not buy bananas from multinational corporations?  What if we did not eat food that was grown in another hemisphere?  What if we became vegetarians?

What if we grew our own food an did it without using a bunch of chemicals?  What if spiders were the only Raid anybody wanted in their houses?  What if people the wasps are our friends because they eat the herbivores feasting on our vegetables?

What if we did not feel like we needed a new pair of shoes every six months?   What if comfortable clothes were stylish?   What if wrinkles were stylish?   What if grey heads have more fun?  

What if we all respected other cultures?  What if we all respected women?   What if we no longer abused children?  What if we were all tolerant of other people’s way of worshipping the deity?

What if? 

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