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Just a quick note to you all.   The Havens is putting its money where its mouth is and has committed to buying a new car.   We are buying ourselves a snazzy little hybrid: a  Toyota Prius in the silver pine mica color.   It gets 60 miles per gallon highway, around 39 city driving.

Distances are so far around here.  If I want to visit my parents, it is a 50 mile round trip.  If I want to go to the theatre and see a live show, or hear some great music, it is a 100 mile round trip.  I’ve been feeling quite guilty and hypocritical driving my Oldsmobile Intrigue around, even though it does get 26 mpg on average.   That’s better than a Hummer or a Suburban, but not good enough in my book.

Well, it is quite a commitment, because it will take us four years to pay for it, and the payment is not inconsiderable.  Our insurance will go up too, since we will have to carry full coverage due to the loan.  The way gas prices are increasing, I think we could end up ahead on the deal.  Maybe not completely ahead moneywise, but the karma will be right. 

I’m excited!

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