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So, if you look at this photo carefully, it will tell you a lot about what was going on today.


What you are seeing outside the window is the TroyBuilt compost grinder.   Jim has been rendering the brush piles into mulch by putting them through it.   It is covered with a piece of left over pond liner because it is drizzling today.  When the brush is damp it clogs up the screen of the grinder and this makes the job a royal pain.   You can just see one of the piles that is scheduled to be run through the grinder on the left.  

Rather than grinding mulch, he is busy making cd’s for the car, since the new vehicle is equipped with a cd player rather than a tape deck.   We have joined the 21st century at last.   Anyway, transcribing all my favorite car tunes from tape to cd is what he has been doing today. 

The brush pile will be sorely missed by the birds when it is finally ground, probably tomorrow if it isn’t raining..  When I walk out there to fill the bird feeders, which are on the corner of the fence behind the grinder, little birds fly up out of that brush pile.   One morning I saw over thirty birds exit the pile.   The closer I got, the more that left, and they left in waves.   I have built them a new brush pile on the other side of the fence where it will be easier for the Lawn Boy (that would be Jim) to mow the lawn around it.

In the foreground,  inside that window, you can just see the sewing machine sitting on my dining room table.  It is there because I am busy making a seat protector for my brand new car.   That way I can load my dog into the back seat when we are going for her walk.  I suppose I could make her ride in the cargo compartment, but then she would not be able to stick her head out the back window and sniff the wondrous world of odors that we pass by on our way to the park.  The seat protector is dark green fleece on one side, lighter green flannel on the other, with an inner layer of waterproof matress pad.   It will have elastic straps at the top that hook over the head rests of the back seat, and that way it will stay up in place to protect the back of the seat as well as the bench if she happens to have gotten wet while tearing around the woods, river, and park.   About the only time she doesn’t get wet is in the middle of July at the park where there is no pond.

While I was crawling around on the floor cutting this thing out, I discovered that I can not kneel on my left leg as yet.   The shin is so badly swollen that it hits the ground if I am crawling about, which is pretty excruciating.  The bruise from my encounter with the sauna deck Wednesday morning is amazing.   My leg is bruised from knee to ankle, and there is only about a two inch wide part of the calf that does not have some bruising.  But nothing is broken, I don’t think I’m getting an infection, and it is healing.   Just no crawling happening right now.

Jim is now at work at the clerk job, purveying liquor.  Since trout season just started ont he first of March, he is very busy.

And that’s the way it is around here today.

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Today it is raining.  Well not really raining, more like drizzling lightly.  This is a bouquet I picked from my gardens not 15 minutes ago.  I love my digital camera!


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