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There was a challenge on a couple of blogs to show pictures of our garden shoes.  I’d love to join in that fun, but I just don’t have time to make portraits of my shoes.   They are on the ends of my legs and quite busy. 

We did a lot of work today.  I was going to plant my carrot seeds, but in spite of the beautiful sunny day, the ground is saturated from all the rain we got yesterday.   My rain gauge showed about one index finger knuckle of precipitation fell in the last 24 hours.   Anyway, no sooner than I entered the vegetable garden than my eyes were drawn by the asparagus bed, which resulted in this,


which we consumed for dinner this evening. 

In between those two events, we stacked the firewood lengths we cut yesterday in the wood shed, and then cleaned the area up.  We raked twigs and leaves and sawdust and goodness knows what all else up from under the elm and mock orange bushes where one of the bird feeding stations is.   While I did some weeding and thinning in the vegetable garden, as well as removing the row cover from my peas, Jim finished pruning the vineyard.  Between us we got all the canes picked up and piled on the burn pile.   We took a beer break, and then we ran through most of a tank of gas in the chain saw cutting a couple of piles of elm limbs into firewood lengths. 

Then it was almost time for dinner.  While Jim was cooking the country style ribs, I whiled away the time very pleasantly pulling henbit, bluets, some kind of mallow, wild oats and violets out of my day lily, rose and clematis bed.  I got out the camera and wandered around for a while.   The biggest news of the day is in the front flower bed sort of off to the left of the front door:


The daffodil is named “Ice Follies.”  The yellow tulip is Tulipa sylvestris, the other I have no idea, although it came last fall when I ordered 15 different species of wild tulips.   Unfortunately, I did not put labels on them when I planted them out, I was way too busy to take such an elementary step.  The squirrels found some of them to be quite tasty morsels, so I have a lot less wild tulips out there than I was expecting.


These frilly beauties are growing in the labyrinth.   One of my projects for the labyrinth is to completely outline the whole pattern in daffodils.   Whenever I thin the clumps of bulbs in the display garden, I make up bags for my friends and clients, and plant the remainder in the labyrinth.   So, the ancestor of these gals is in my front flower bed.   These young ladies are travelling incognito, because their mama arrived in a naturalizing mixture that came from Daffodil Farms (now a subsidiary of White Flower Farms in Connecticut).  Aren’t they something?

Then, we had some dinner.   It was really very good.   The ribs were perfect, and we were making a comparison of three different barbecue sauces.   Of course, the asparagus was wonderful (only if you like asparagus).  Along with that, we had baked potatoes.   Simple, filling, delicious.

After dinner, we went out and watched the flocks gather, talk about their days, and fly down to roost in the cedar wood.   Absolutely stunning.   They are no longer all flying in one group.   The grackles have segregated themselves from the redwinged blackbirds.  The noise of the thousands of birds all talking at once is indescribable.   In spite of the cacophony, the individual voice of an irate robin scolding the 50 grackles that had the temerity to land in HIS tree is distinguisable.   Once I focus on him, I also hear three or four cardinals,  calling to each other across the yard from one plum thicket to the other.   Suddenly a blue jay’s raucous call breaks through; then suddenly from high above all of them, the thin rusty cry of a red shouldered hawk pierces through, and all the birds fall silent for an instant.   After the awed acknowledgement of her presence, the noise begins anew.

Then the sun went down,


and all became quiet.   Venus pierced through the high thin cloud cover, and soon the moon will sail up there to join her. 

In between all of that, we threw the dog toy about a billion times for Ruby, and when we were too busy to throw it for her, she would tear around the yard with it all by herself, shaking it, throwing it, rolling around with all four legs waving in the air, and generally wearing herself out.

I’m off to take a bath and soak.   I’m sore.  Maybe tomorrow I can get pictures of my shoes. 

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