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There has been a huge shockwave traveling around our social circle today.   I am so sad, devastated, horrified — all the words that do nothing to truly communicate the depth of the feelings I am carrying.

A 19 year old boy committed suicide yesterday morning.  

It begins as a tale lived out by children all over this country.   His mom and dad divorced when he was young.  He lived with his mother, but spent liberal amounts of time with his father.   After his father remarried, the boy was loved and supported by his step-sister and step-mother, who is one of the truly wise, gentle and beautiful souls of this world.  Of course, I would say something like that, since she is my best friend, soul-mate, soul-sister.

It’s a complex situation, these things usually are.   There were drugs involved.  I want to tell you all the story as a cautionary tale, but will not do it without permission from the family.  Suffice it to say it is sufficiently tragic and horrifying.

My friend’s version of the Ruckert poetry that Mahler used for his text:  “We talked to him on the phone two hours earlier.  He was fine.  His mother talked to him right before she left the house, she says he seemed to be fine then.  He was very tidy.  He went outside, lay down,  put his 30-30 in his mouth and pulled the trigger.   What makes a 19 year old person DO THAT?”

I don’t know.  But we should find out.   Teenage suicide is an epidemic in this country.

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