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News of the Day 28March2007

It has been a very productive day.   It has been a beautiful warm spring day, with lots of partly cloudy going on.   It may shower tonight, not that we really need it right this minute.   I harvested the spinach that I wintered over in my cold frames.  It made an extremely impressive bowl full in my big stainless steel bowl, but once it was blanched it only made about two quarts.  A large quantity of aphids died in the process, but I rescued all the lady bug nymphs while we were out in the garden. 

I started working on mulching my hosta bed in the southwest corner.   There was a lot of frost heaving there, and many of the miniatures desperately needed to be re-planted.   I got that job about 25% accomplished before I had to start doing the morning massages.  

The vegetable garden is looking good.  The carrots are not up yet, but this is no big surprise since I only planted them two days ago.   The peas I uncovered a couple of days ago have found their fence and are starting to climb.   I have a lovely lettuce patch going right now, about 4 square feet that has 8 different varieties in it, the spring lettuce mix from Cook’s Garden.   I will plant some mesclun mix this evening once I am done doing massage.  

Jim and I cut up another good sized pile of limbs for firewood.   Probably another half a cord worth.  While we were doing that we noticed that the wisteria vine is going to be spectacular this year.   Last year was the first year it has ever bloomed, and since it has been on the place 8 years that was pretty exciting.   There were only a few blossoms, though.   This year it is going to be covered and I can hardly wait.

The flower news is below:


There is lilac in the left background.  The long arching branch is red bud.   In front is a very sweet smelling shrub that lives below my window.  I think it is weigela, but I could be wrong about that.   Just to its left is grape hyacinth, and peeking over the edge of the vase are some primroses that just started blooming today.   The four daffodils we have today are, from left to right, Thalia, Pink angel, Decoy, and Elizabeth Ann.   Of course there are a lot more narcissi blooming out there, but I thought I’d just show the latest bloomers.

Lots of breeding behavior is going on out there today.  The cardinals are courting.   The most dominant males have sorted out who owns which section of the yard.   Now they are trying to attract a lady, and their antics are amusing.  The robins are also trying to figure out where to nest.  It is a tough real estate market this year, all the good nest sites fell out of the trees during the ice storm.  

Well, my client is here.   Gotta run.

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