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We have been running around like crazy people for the last couple of days.   The garden has really started kicking in.  

The green beans are producing, for one.  It never ceases to amaze me how they go about the start of production.  The vines will sit there, and there will be blossoms, and then you will see little beans that are  maybe 1 inch long at most.   And then they will sit there, seemingly doing nothing in particular.  All of a sudden, one day when you are watering, you will notice that there are green beans that are seven inches long and need to be picked TODAY.  That is exactly what just happened in our garden, and I expect that in the next couple of weeks, at least two gallons of beans will be picked, cleaned, blanched and frozen for future reference.

Meanwhile, we have a whole crisper full of cucumbers, both the Oriental Express and the West Indian Burr Gherkins.   The OE are extremely tasty, long and crisp and sweet, and burpless.   The gherkins seem to be burpless also, resemble nothing so much as tiny spiked melons.   There are two quarts of them already, which is quite a lot considering that they are around 3 cm long when ripe.   They are destined for the pickle jar.

I sliced and grilled about a gallon of zucchini yesterday.   That is in the freezer on cookie sheets ready to be put into zip lock bags, also for future reference.   We have decided that this is the best way to prepare summer squash for winter consumption.   You slice it about 1/4″ thick, toss it with salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little olive oil.   Fire up your charcoal grill, and put the vegetable grilling sheet over the fire.   Grill the squash until it is cooked.   Spread in a single layer on cookie sheets for freezing.   When solid, remove from sheets and store in ziplock in freezer.   This can be used as is at room temperature, re-heated in the oven, or thawed, sliced (or diced) and added to salad, soup, or tossed with pasta.   Excellent.

The tomatoes are also coming on.  

While all this garden craziness is starting, I am getting ready for a short break for personal maintenance.

My dad is out in Colorado, getting accclimated to the high altitude in Rocky Mountain National Park.   My brother and his wife are arriving at Denver International Airport on Saturday morning.   I will be there to pick them up, and then we will be joining my dad up at the campsite he has just outside the park.  

We intend to camp at Olive Ridge and hike in the high country for a week.  Then I’ll be back home, just in time to celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary before Jim heads off on his own trip.  He’ll be heading out to New Hampshire to take another Windsor Chair class.  This time he will be learning the Continuous Arm chair.  

Anyway, this is just to let you all know that I will be off the air while in Colorado, and I notice that I will be missing my first blogoversary while I am gone.  

However, I will be coming back with pictures, hopefully some of them will be totally awesome.  

Meanwhile, keep cool, stay safe and I’ll be back in about 10 days.  Gotta go pack now!

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