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Almost exactly a year and a week ago, I made my first faltering steps into the world of blogging.   I went back to my first couple of posts, and they were the frustrated stream of consciousness of an almost complete luddite, trying to figure out what the heck a blog actually was and how to make one happen.

I immediately discovered one of the truly wonderful things about the world of blogging, and that was how wonderfully friendly and helpful the people who already had blogs were.  Azahar, over at Casa Az immediately helped me figure some things out, very nicely and matter of factly, not making me feel like a complete ditz for not being able to see the obvious.   Not only that, but she added me to her list of friends so that people who visited her site regularly started clicking over to mine.   Thanks so much, azahar!

It wasn’t long before I started visiting a lot of sites, and following links to other places from their sites.   I rapidly discovered that I could spend a sickeningly large amount of time planted in front of my computer.   At the time, I was visiting the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on a regular basis, and participating in a lot of conversations there.   I made a decision that I liked the blog world better, mostly because I could post pictures.  (I still go to H2G2 on occasion, but I think I am sort of out of the loop there now.)

Well, I knew I could post pictures if I could only figure out how!   I mustered up my courage and emailed Archie, shamelessly flattering him and begging for help on posting photos.  He kindly and patiently gave me detailed and complete instructions on how to manipulate my photos, including help in going to a shareware site to download Irfanview, a thing I had never done before!  I mean, downloading software!  How modern!

Well, I can’t list all the wonderful people whom I have met in the past year.  If you want to know who they are, just look over in my “friends” column.  I have my particular favorites that I try to visit on a regular basis.  You know who you are, and I truly enjoy every one of you.

I have become addicted to my blog stats.   I love to see days when over 50 people visit my blog.   I always wonder what it was that brought them here.   I love to check to see what searches have brought people to my blog.   For a while, people were trying to figure out how to keep their dogs from barking, and were visiting my post on that subject.   Lately, I figure there are a lot of people who are trying to keep their local bird population from eating their grapes, and they have been reading my post on that.  I hope that I have been helpful.

One of the things that has happened over the last year is I have been led to some very useful sites.  One of my very favorites is Bookmooch., and I would never have discovered it or imagined that it existed if it hadn’t been for reading blogs. 

I have also learned that by and large, if people are listed on a website as a contact person, they are truly happy to try to help you when you have a question.   All you have to do is email them.   I just had an experience with that as I was trying to solve my own little horticultural mystery a couple of days ago.   I found a Native Plant Society site for Colorado, and within minutes I had information leading to the solution to my plant identification question.   How cool is that? 

I have no idea what the next year will bring, but I suspect that it will include having to pay WordPress for some more of their MB, since I have used 32% of them in the last year and they are exhorting me to BUY MORE. 

So, to all you new friends, I thank you, and express my deep pleasure and appreciation to you, for visiting, for commenting, for playing the games with me. 

Join me in a (belated) rousing chorus of “Happy blog-birthday to me, happy blog-birthday to me…..”

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