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An old joke

 Well, honestly.   Jim is off to Lowes to buy another water timer for the garden.   Sometimes I wonder about myself.   I was wanting to hook the two short hoses we have in the vegetable garden together and then attach them to the sprinkler for the root cellar mound garden.   So what I did instead was make one hose into a circle that made a looping mobius strip around the hose that was attached to the timer, and walk off with the whole twisted mess.   When it all came up short, I gave it a good yank and snapped the timer off at the spigot.   Well, at least the timers are fairly inexpensive, and we have gift cards for Lowes.   My dear husband didn’t even yell at me or make me feel dumb for what was a pretty silly error.   And I have a college education? 

It reminded me of a very old joke for some reason.  

 It seems that one day a couple of old farmers were leaning on the fence, talking. 

“Hey, Jeb,” says the first old fellow.  “I saw in the paper today that your kid is doing right well up at the Big City University.”

“Ayep, he is,”  replies Jeb.   “We’re real proud of him.”

“I guess you should be.   He sure has a sight of letters after his name now.  What do all them letters mean, anyhow?”

“Oh, you mean all them initials?  Dr. BCU Graduate, B.S., M.S., PhD?  That stuff?”

“Yeah.  What does that mean, anyway?”

“Well, Zeb, you know what a Dr. is, right?”

“Yeah, Jeb, I know that, but what about the other stuff?”

“Well, Zeb, we all know what B. S. is, don’t we?”

Zeb chuckles a bit, and says, “Well, yeah, Jeb.   Everybody knows what B.S. is.”

“Well, you got that straight.   So I guess M.S. means More of the Same.”

 “That makes sense.   What about the PhD?”

“I figure that must stand for “Piled Higher and Deeper.”

Thank heavens I have a B. A.!   Wonder what that stands for???


Okay.   I said it was an old joke.   Then my visit to my dermatologist reminded me of the definition of specialist, which I also love, and is not original with me.   A specialist is an expert who has learned more and more about less and less until finally he knows everything about nothing.  

Know any people like that?  

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