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Pepper harvest

I had to pick peppers.   A few days ago I was out in the garden admiring the butterflies and picking the last of the tomatoes.   I happened to notice that the serranos were ripening:


The grey streak across the photo is the top ring of the cage that supports the plants. 

I decided it was more than time to pick peppers, so I got my harvest basket and scissors and began picking what was out there.    In addition to the serranos which had caught my attention, there were also sweet Italian peppers and poblano/anchos ready.   My basket was almost half full, and this is what it all looks like on my counter:


The sweet peppers are on the left, the serranos in the middle, poblanos on the right.   I will string the serranos into a ristra for drying tonight.   The sweet peppers will be cut and put in the dehydrator.   The poblanos will go into the refrigerator and when Jim gets home on Tuesday we can roast, peel, seed and freeze them.   Incidentally, I discovered that the pile of poblanos will not fit into a gallon ziplock bag.  Also, I just gave Jeri a pint of the serranos before I took the picture, so the pile is diminished somewhat.

And the plants all have blossoms on them.   We shall have a plethora of peppers.

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