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This is the chair Jim made at the C-Arm class in New Hampshire last week.  I have been using the New York bowback side chair as my dinner table chair.   Once this one has been painted, I may appropriate it for that use instead.   This is a very comfortable chair.


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Mike: A portrait

Mike is actually a dark chocolate color, although most people see him as black.   His coat does an interesting thing.   When he has an injury, which happens regrettably often (he simply does not know how to back down from a fight), the guard hairs there come in white.  In this photo, you can see where he has white eyebrows.   He also has three white eyelashes on the same eye, which so far I have not been able to get to show up in any portrait of him, the result of an altercation where his eyelid got slashed.   Fortunately, his eye was not injured. 

Notice the one elegant white whisker.


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Syncopated Eyeball

Creepy Spooky Lovely Nice

Trailer Park Refugee

just three shots of tequila away from a bar fight....

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