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This morning I had to take Smokey to the vet.   Again.   You would think that a cat that was 15 years old would start to realize that he just doesn’t have the lightning fast right jab that he used to command, and learn to back down from confrontations.   But no, he is still defending his territory against intruders and has an abcess on his left shoulder blade to prove it.    His attitude is, “You should see the other guy.”  Frankly, I believe that he may be starting to suffer from some sort of feline Alzeimer’s disease and probably doesn’t remember that this young stud cat beat him up twice last week, and is instead fixated on battles he won hands down eight years ago.  Anyway, he’s all dosed up with antibiotics and the abcess should heal now.

I only had three loads of sheets to fold this morning, plus I washed a load of dark clothes and hung them out on the line.   The wind is blowing briskly from a mostly easterly direction, and I imagine those pants and shirts are probably almost dry now.   We’ll be needing to get them off the line before the showers that appear to be brewing start.  (All of a sudden I flashed on the Singapore daily newspaper, which always included a “Laundry Drying Index” in the weather section.)

I took a few minutes to prune some dead branches off the skyrocket junipers in the center of the labyrinth.   I think they might be being attacked by some sort of fungus, so I am trying to keep affected branches cleaned off them.   While I was doing that, Ruby and Mike were “helping” me by playing a game of tag in the labyrinth paths.

A crew of tree trimmers working for our Electrical Cooperative are across the street cutting at the maples and oaks that volunteered (or the squirrels planted) under the power lines there.   These trees were allowed to grow to maturity by an over-80 lady who thought they were “Cute.”  I should have taken my lopping shears over there ten years ago when we first moved here and solved the problem.   Now it is taking three guys with chain saws, a huge chipper/shredder, and a boom truck to remove the threat to our power supply lines.

After that I ran around the yard and picked a little bouquet from flowers that are still blooming all over the yard thanks to no frost yet.  Aren’t they pretty?  


This bouquet contains 3 Maximilian sunflowers, a sprig of terra cotta yarrow, a prairie coneflower, a purple coneflower, a black-eyed susan, a zinnia, a gaillardia, some lavender anda branch of bitterroot fruits.

Now my massage day begins in earnest.   I am supposed to work the knots out of five sets of shoulders.   Who knows what intimate details I will receive during the next few hours?   My first client regaled me with a review of “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a book which is now on my “To Read” list.  The congruencies between rural tribal life of the Islamic people living in Somalia and Pakistan are quite interesting.  This occurred to me because I am presently reading “Three Cups of Tea”, which gives descriptions of rural life in the mountains of Pakistan.  

On a sort of related note, I have been observing the hierarchy of birds at my bird feeder.  It is interesting to note that one red bellied woodpecker is “bigger” than and has priority over a whole flock of red-winged blackbirds.


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