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Stroll Garden Oct 28 2007 update

I got a burst of energy yesterday afternoon.   I only interrupted Jim twice during his dinner making activities.   The first time I needed help loading big rocks onto the cart and dragging them down to the site.   The second time was for advice and consultation regarding exactly how the scree slope garden will fit into and develop from the stepping stone path.  

We really aren’t sure exactly what to do.   First of all, a photo of what we have gotten done so far.  As you can see, I was getting expert assistance from Ruby.  But if you compare this to the last update, you can see the path has grown radically, and there are several new rocks that are destined to be steps in the scree slope.


If you walk to the top of the path, stand by the gate, and look back along the path, this is how it looks.


All the stones in the path down to the big square dark red one are set into the ground at their proper level.   Beyond that stone, I am not totally sure exactly what level to have the stones at.   I need to build up the path farther along there so that the rain garden will form its basin just to the right of it.    The path will form a sort of dam, and I think that the stones will probably need to start to step up sharply after that last stone I have set.  Fortunately, we have lots of dirt.

The dilemma I have about the scree slope is more evident in the shot towards the gate.   We are having a hard time deciding if the rocks need to rise up in a step right next to the path, or whether there should  be a low flat place next to the path that is rather wide so that the slope can peter out towards the path.  This would also give the rock garden plants a space to cascade into.   After we both looked at it for a while, we decided that we didn’t really know which way was better, but that whatever we did would probably look great when it was done.

Either way, I want to decide which look I want before I start moving rubble in behind the rocks.   Once they are set, I don’t want to have to move them again.   Also, I have been accessing my “Inner Japanese Gardener” and have realized that the rocks in the scree slope have to have some sort of flow going on in the grain of the rock as they are laid out.   I already have identified three different kinds of sedimentary rocks I have available for my different levels of scree slope.   It’ll be like having rock strata that have been exposed by erosion.  

Jim started a fire in the sauna last night, and we partook gratefully.  I must say my shoulders and arms think that was a really great idea.  I am on my way out there to set a few more rocks in the path, and choose some more for the scree slope.

Later today we are going up to the Lake for a battle of blues bands.  The outcome will determine which of our local bands the Blues Society will sponsor to the International Blues Challenge later this winter.   Should be a fun time.


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