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I’ve been busy out there.   Despite the fact that I had to spend most of my Tuesday morning being the chauffeur for my Dear Husband when he went up to the medicos for a biopsy plus doing 22 massages, I have gotten lots done in the stroll garden.

Observe how the path has grown since my last update on  October 28.   Today I am giving you two views, because from one angle you cannot see the wonderful step up that the path makes.   This step became necessary since it became obvious that it would be right to use the path to create a “dam” to separate the rain garden from the rest of the beds on the other (west) side of the path.  You can see the step down at the lower left corner of the photo.  


If I was sure that people actually cared about how cool the rocks in this path are, I would put in a close-up view of the second rock from the left that forms that step.  It is a very beautiful piece of ripple stone.

Next we have the view from the north, looking south.   As you may notice, the step is not really evident in this picture, as we are looking over it.


As you can see, I have my garden cart loaded with some big stepping stones, which are going to continue the path that “ends” to the right of the picture.   Other than those stones, I pretty much have all the path rocks chosen and arranged.   There are still quite a few that need to be set into the ground, but we’re coming along with this.   Picking, moving and arranging the rocks takes almost as much time as setting them, believe it or not.

All the smallish rocks arranged just to the south of the path are destined to be the edging for it, which will delineate it from the rain garden area.   The rain garden area is where the garden cart is sitting.   In this picture you cannot see the beginning of the excavation for the hollow that will collect the water from our eaves when it rains, although it is visible in the first picture.  

Behind the edging rocks you can see a few of the large rocks that I have selected for the scree slope rock garden.   They are not even close to being arranged yet.   There need to be quite a few more rocks that size moved to the area, and before I do that I really want to decide exactly how I am going to arrange them.   I am undecided about the orientation of my “strata” in the rock garden.   I do not know whether I want straight “strata” that follow the grain of the path, or whether I want to mimic a syncline and have the rocks curving up the hill.   I am running out of time on this decision, because I will be done with the path very soon and it will be time to start moving and setting those rocks.   And I do need to decide, because once I have moved the big rocks, I don’t really want to rearrange them.  

This morning I am travelling to Springfield for a local nursery’s end of season clearance auction.  They are trying to reduce the number of plants in pots that they have to winter over.   I am hoping to find some good deals, since I am building this garden and it will need quite a few shrubs to make it the show place we intend it to be.

Wish me luck!


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