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Having been tagged twice for this particular meme, both by Aliemalie and Mr. McGregor’s Daughter, I guess I’d better get busy and participate!   It appears that there are various versions of this meme going around, and I apologize for not doing it sooner.  But I got side tracked into telling tales about my sordid past.

1.   I frequently forget to brush my hair in the morning.  I always have great intentions to get around to doing it before anyone sees me, but all too often I get sucked into the blogosphere or start working in the garden, and suddenly it is noon or two in the afternoon and I catch sight of myself in a window or see my shadow and realize that my hair is still yesterday’s hair.   Fuzzy, untidy, flyaway.

2.   I was a properties mistress in college for the theatre department for a whole year.   It was amazing, difficult, challenging.   I learned I was terrible at begging.   Once there was a recalcitrant actor who refused to leave the firearms in the melodramatic mystery play alone.   One of them was loaded with blanks because it had to be discharged on stage, and he refused to pay attention to the stricture that “NO ONE was to touch it except the actor to which it had been assigned.”   Finally one night when he refused to believe that it could possibly be dangerous, I pointed the thing at him and shot him in the upper thigh with it from about 12 feet away.   “That hurt!” he yelped.   “Yes.   It could possibly be dangerous to handle the firearms in this play,” I informed him.   Since I had previously sought and received permission from the director of the play to do this very thing, I didn’t get in trouble.

3.    I can spend hours reading the dictionary.

4.    I love the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.”   It makes me cry every single time.  

5.   My most favorite classical work is Berlioz’s Requiem Mass, followed closely by Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.   I flew from Seattle to San Francisco in order to attend the West Coast premiere of the Berlioz when the San Francisco Symphony did it live.   They performed it four nights, I attended two of the performances.  It was AMAZING!

6.    I have been on the top of Longs Peak in Colorado.  

7.   I am allergic to some thing that is in artificial crab.   It gives me hives.  

And the bonus:

8.   Due to the fact that I was always a violin player and then a viola player and then a massage therapist, I have not had fingernails longer than about 2 mm since I was nine years old.  Once about six years ago I was on vacation and thought I’d try growing them out for a bit.   After about two weeks I had to whack them off because they bugged me so much.

I am not tagging anybody.   I think almost everybody has already done this meme that is interested in doing it!

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