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I feel unsettled and sort of “off” today.

I have two different series going on right now on my blog, one about the year Jim and I spent apart when he was forward stationed on the USS LaSalle, the other on various break-ups I participated in before I found the first Mr. Right.  I was trying to decide which one to work on and post, and I decided that I would rather do a “what’s going on right now” post.

What is going on right now is the weather is fixing to change on us.   After all these days of it whipping from below freezing to balmy 50s and 60s, it has decided to go all winter on us.   The wind is blowing and we have been promised snow.    Most of the leaves have come off the elms, which are always the last to drop their leaves, so an accumulation of snow would not hurt them.   

Yesterday we moved a few more rocks into the rock garden area.   We found after we thought the “ridge” was done that it needed an addition.   We got the new addition laid in.   It still needs dirt added to it.   In the photo below, off to the left of the little addition is the area where the Japanese rock garden with raked gravel will be.   You can see our collection of character rocks in there.  We have been studying them for over a year, and have just about figured out where they are going to sit, how deeply they will be buried, and how they will relate to each other.   This has been a fascinating process, and has made me lust to go to Kyoto and visit the gardens there.


Jim’s favorite rock at the moment is this one:


The planes of it catch the light in a very interesting way.   There are very wonderful lichens on it.   The other side is just as splendid as this face.   I like this rock too, but it is not my favorite of the collection.  

First thing in the morning yesterday Jim drove our handy little truck up to Osage Beach where he picked up half a ton of gravel for the scree slope.   I managed to locate gravel that would be satisfactory.   What I really wanted was the Colorado River gravel that I found listed on the internet, but the closest place to get it was just outside Denver, Colorado.   Their site mentioned that I would have to provide my own semi truck for pickup and the price was pretty exorbitant.   So I settled for Missouri rainbow gravel, which is local.   We got it spread, and now the scree slope rock garden looks like this:


As you can plainly see, what is lacking is the plants.   Since the weather is turning cold and the ground is likely to freeze soon, I will have to wait until spring for that phase.   It is just as well, I can spend hours this winter looking through plant catalogs and studying plant lists on the internet.   Plus it will give me a chance to figure out how to pay for the plants. 

But, because of the rock moving and gravel shoveling yesterday, I have to admit I am pretty sore today.    My left hip is none too pleased with me, apparently.  I am pretty sure I stressed it when I picked up a shovel full of gravel and then twisted my body around to carefully distribute it around the little candytuft plants I had transplanted into the area.  It took me a while to get going this morning, and I wasn’t really ready when my first massage client showed up.   Fortunately, she understands and didn’t mind the rather wild hairstyle I was sporting. 

Blogging is so interesting.   A few days ago I hit a personal high in visits.  Two hundred and twenty people visited my blog last Friday.   Apparently they are looking for pictures of flowers and Google links to my post “Five things I do to raise my vibe.”   Now granted, that post has a lovely picture of my balloon flowers, but someone who is looking for flowers will probably be confused by going to that post.   At any rate, that post is by far the most popular and visited on this blog.   I read it the other day, and I have to say I am pretty proud of it, so I hope the folks who are looking at pictures actually read it.   One of the things I am aware of is that just because someone clicks in to your blog does not mean they actually read the post!

Sometimes they do.   I got a comment this morning from a gentleman who was searching Google for cribbage and found yesterday’s post.   He actually read it, and made a very nice comment as well.   Will he come back to read again?   Will he tell other people what a cool site he found?   Who knows?  I do love the casual connections that occur on the internet, but they also can be very frustrating.

I have to be careful though.   I have started to feel like I might be a good writer and perhaps I ought to try to write a book.   I have been thinking about the book subject rather obsessively lately, and the other night it interfered with my sleep.   The part of my life that is reflected in the subject had most of the action happening during this portion of the year, and so I tend to sort of obsess about it during this season.   That lack of sleep also affected me this morning.

What if I did buckle down and write the thing?  Then I would have to find an agent and a publisher.   And what if it was successful?   Would I get to go on Oprah?   Would that mean I would have to wear makeup?   Could I stand seeing myself on TV?   What would happen to my garden?

I don’t know.   I can’t really think about it today anyway.   Tomorrow is the scheduled day for Jim’s surgery, and everything feels sort of up in the air.

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