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The holiday got to a sort of shaky start . . .


But something happened, a sort of sea change, as it were.  We were able to acquire a nice tree and I got it decorated yesterday morning.  People read my blog and left kind comments.   Then we went to a housewarming party for a friend’s new place.   My best friend Jeri rode along with us, carpooling to save gas.

It was snowing pretty hard as we drove out there.   It’s about a 35 mile drive out past Montreal to get to the place.    The roads were absolutely atrocious, no salt or gravel or plows had been by.   It didn’t matter.   Jim drove us there safely, we ate chili and pulled pork and crudites and chatted.   We all talked about the big Solstice Bonfire we are having here.   It continued to snow, and after a while the designated driver (that would be yours truly) announced that it was probably the responsible thing to do to start back home while we could still actually expect to get there.   Neither of the other two occupants of the car had any argument with that opinion, so we left.    

We drove home mostly without incident except for the spot where we were trying to turn left from our minor highway to the major highway going south and almost managed to slide right into the ditch.   Fortunately, we got some traction in the slush about the time our wheels hit the shoulder and were able to pull out into the “traffic” and head on down the road.   Whew.  

We kept talking about it being a White Christmas.   Of course, even though the temperature dipped down to 12 degrees F. last night, today the sun came out and the snow has already started melting  The weather guessers think it will continue to be warm next week.   That’s good.  That means that on Friday for the party maybe we can have the sauna’s shower charged with water without having to worry about the spigot freezing.  

Anyhow, when we got home, the roads were nasty enought for Jeri to decide that it would be smarter for her to stay the night and head home in the morning after the highway crews had all night to get the roads in shape.   I had been planning to start a couple of batches of cookies that had to sit overnight before baking.   That would be the Pfeffernusse and the Pomeranzennusse.   So we got busy and put those two doughs together.

We were interrupted in that task by a phone call from Jesse!   He is doing well, and tells us he is very bored.   I told him that bored was good.   When he objected to being sentenced to a life of boredom, I told him that as far as I was concerned, the bored-er he was the happier I was!    Anyway, he is well and safe, has finally started receiving mail, and was excited by a book on Middle East history that my brother and his wife sent him.   I told him we were baking cookies and if he was a very “good boy” he might even get some!   He gave us directions on how to find where he is located on Google Earth, it was pretty cool to be able to get a decent look at the area.   He’s pretty much out in the boonies, thank heavens.

After breakfast of blueberry waffles (home made, of course), Jeri headed on home and I proceeded to start baking up a storm.   In addition to the cookies we started yesterday, I also baked some lemon sponge cookies, some ginger cookies (Ingwerplatzchen), almond bars, and a batch of Honey Lebkuchen Squares.    (I have a recipe book called Festive Baking that features German and Austrian cookies that I am quite fond of.  Can you tell?)  Jim made some oatmeal cookies earlier this week and plans to make some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow.

As soon as I am done with this post and we have had some of the home made chicken noodle soup Jim made yesterday morning while I was decorating the tree, I am going to make fudge and some chocolate snap cookies called “Earthquake Cookies.”  

I feel like things are starting to come into focus.



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