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Happy holidays

Well, I’ve been off the air for a while.   I’m sure I’m not the only one who has wonderfully busy holiday season.   This year is particularly excessive since my mother was born two days after Christmas, and my father and she were married the day after her birthday.

This year is the coincidence of her 80th birthday and their 60th wedding anniversary.   We are having a fine dinner in her honor at one of the more ritzy restaurants up at Lake of the Ozarks.   My older sister arrived today from Texas, my brother is driving in from the east coast.   My nice niece is staying here until tomorrow.   My extremely good friend from North Carolina arrived last Wednesday and left Sunday morning.   She came for my annual Solstice bonfire party.  That party, needless to say, involves quite a lot of cleaning and getting prepared. 

In between all of that, I have barely had time to look at the computer, much less actually write in the blog.   

We had stunningly perfect weather for the Solstice.    It was 50 degrees F during the day, cooled off a bit that evening.    This amazing weather was sandwiched in between days of snow and freezing weather.    

Solstice sunset was gorgeous.  To the west, the sun was painting the sky.


I turned around immediately after taking that shot as the sun was going down, and high in the east was the nearly full moon, surrounded by sunset colors.


The bonfire took off, and managed to mimic the sunset colors.


We had a wonderful party, a “Dirty Santa” gift exchange full of wonderful hand made arts and crafts and food.   After the party was over, this is how my cookie plate looked.


I did not make all those cookies, some of those came from various friends as well as my mother.    What a wonderful party left over!

On Christmas day, we went out to see our friends who live by the Niangua River.   We took Ruby, and she enjoyed the river, went for a swim in order to bring me back a stick.   You can see how happy she was.


The river was being quite beautiful too.


Now I have to get ready to go out to the parent’s farm.   We are having a day after Christmas family ham dinner and bonfire.   Oh yes, and fireworks!   These are courtesy my sister and her daughter.


Hopefully it will be a pleasant experience for all, with only the fireworks exploding.   But you never know!

Be safe, stay warm, and blessed be.


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