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The macaroons I made yesterday are completely gone.   I believe that they, and Nancy’s wonderful home-made pizza, were the only things that actually completely disappeared at the party last night.    We stayed until way after midnight, of course.   By the time we drove through town on our way home, the whole place was closed up and dead.  Even the cops were gathered up back at the station, convinced that all the traffic was over and done with.   I think we maybe saw one other vehicle the whole trip through town.  

Our group has a tradition of getting together and having a sauna party on New Year’s Eve.   Everyone heads into the New Year with a (more or less) cleansed body and spirit.   Right after the loud shout of “Happy New Year!” we all do a do-si-d0 around the circle and everyone hugs everyone else in the room.    I sort of felt like I was all charged up with love and joy by the time I had given and received over 20 heartfelt hugs.

We stayed until all our champagne was gone, which took a while since I was the designated driver and it was Jim’s responsibility to take care of most of that bottle.   I did take a glass out and pour a libation to all the directions and also to the fire Ciff had burning.   What a wonderful night it was, clear and full of bright starlight.

It was very cold and windy up on the ridges, but down in the sheltered valley where we were gathered, the air was fairly calm.    This morning started sunny and very windy.   Suddenly, I looked out the window and saw this:

We didn’t remember that it was supposed to snow today, so we dashed over to the computer to check the 7 day forecast.   Sure enough, it said there was a chance of flurries.    The radar showed that we were the only people who were getting any snow at all.   Within five minutes it had finished and the sun came out again.    The wind is quite cold and very gusty; the sun is making no progress in warming up the earth today.  

No matter, after all, it IS winter.

I had it in mind to clean up the entryway display.   It took me over three hours to move everything off that set of shelves and wash it.   I can’t tell you how many fossils, rocks, shells, pieces of driftwood and other cool stuff I have on those shelves.   It represents the collection of a lifetime. 

Once I got the shelves cleared, this is what the kitchen looked like.



After everything was cleaned up, I got a little artsy about the shell collection, and posed Kuan Yin “Blessing Earth” amidst it.  I have to admit I am pretty proud of this picture.   I especially like the little shell with the pieces of amber and the glass bead with the blue star.   I can still remember when I saw that bead flashing at me out of the sands along Playa Domenical in Costa Rica.    The amber came from the North Sea.  The antique net ball I found at Oil Bay is in the upper right corner.


After I got it all put back together, the entry way looks like this:


Now, I shall leave you with the poetry installation that K and I put together with my refrigerator poetry set after the Solstice Party.   I think it pretty much says it all.


As far as “resolutions” this year, I intend to join with our friend Roger, and resolve to try to have more fun this year than I did last year.   I think that is pretty sound advice.

Happy New Year!

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