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There are lots of crystals of various sorts in the labyrinth.  

There is celestite that I bought at Quartzite.   I don’t have the faintest idea where on Earth it came from.    I put that on the East Rock of the outer circle.   Over the years it has migrated, so that the only things left out there are the quartz crystals from Arkansas that were with it.   At one time the East Rock had the calcite crystals Jim picked up in Pakistan, but those wanted to move into the Inner Circle where they are sharing space with the rocks from Israel.


The white rectangle is a piece of marble from a shrine in Haifa.   The sphere below it came from Israel.   I believe it came from the mountains near Jerusalem, and the person who gave it to me felt that there was a geode formation within it.   The green and pink rocks are the calcite crystals from Pakistan and the little quartz point below the “Sabra” rock came from the Mt. Ida region of Arkansas.

Right near this little gathering there are a pair of rocks given to me by a friend who lives in San Francisco.   Her mother picked these two rocks up when she was on a tour of The Continent during the 30s sometime.   These were lovingly wrapped in paper that had the place they were picked up written on it and then had beeen taped shut around the pebbles.   The tape was so old it had no glue left at all, and the paper had conformed itself around the rocks.   The red one on the bottom is from Mt Etna in Sicily.   The pink one on top was from the Acropolis in Athens.   They rest against the Mother Rock.


At the very center of the labyrinth, balanced on the sandstone mountain that marks the center, there is an ammonite fossil from Morocco.  It is so beautiful, the nacre that was on the inside of the shell has been preserved on the clay that replaced it, and the spiral pattern of the ancient ammonite is luminscent under the sun.  I suppose I should put some sort of lacquer on it to keep it from being hurt by the sun’s UV rays.  

Down below it, nestled in one of the arms of the sandstone mountain rests a large clear quartz point I bought in Arkansas at a crystal mine there.   It has sustained damage to its point during the mining process.   There are lots of fractures inside it that catch the light and create amazing rainbows when you hold it up to your eyes.   It can hypnotize you with the beauty of its changing inner landscape when you start to gaze into it.    On the faces there are dozens of tiny equilateral triangles etched by the crystal growth.    I believe that this is called a “Record Keeper” crystal, and if it is, it has an awful lot of messages stored in it.    This crystal called me from a shelf of similar crystals.    I believe it knew that it had the best chance of encountering the people it had messages for if it rested in the center of my labyrinth.  

I set up the labyrinth to be a reiki space once after I read about this Reiki Master guy who was putting these beautiful plates down at the poles.   I gathered all the small crystal points and clusters that I picked up in Arkansas, and walked the labyrinth.   At every place I had to make a 180 degree turn, I put a crystal.   I put large clusters on the cardinal points.   At the halfway point of the paths, I put a second array of crystals at the cardinal points.   On the inner circle I spaced 8 smaller crystals evenly around the circumference.   These little crystals tend to jump around wildly.   I think that Ruby kicks them when she chases rabbits through the labyrinth paths.   And of course, when I am weeding the inner circle things get knocked around to a certain extent.   

I lost one of the rocks from Siberia for a couple of weeks once.  It finally turned up in the path a couple of circles out from the inner circle.   I guess that Mike could have given it a good kick once when he pounced on me from out of the deep shadows cast by the grass of the labyrinth paths.   It would have been a lot easier to find if it had been more of a rock and less of a small pebble.  

On a completely different note, I sat down at my piano today to see how my fingers are.   They are limp pieces of spaghetti who cannot negotiate the twists and turns of Mozart any faster than a dead crawl.   But at least the piano is in tune.   It is so cold in here anyway, since it is about 6 degrees this morning.   The room where this computer and the piano are is probably sitting right about 60 degrees F (that would be 16 degrees C, my dear friends).   I had better post this right now and go stand in front of the stove or my frigid fingers are going to send my next client right through the ceiling when I gently rest them at the side of her neck.

Ta ta for now.

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