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It’s been a pretty hectic week here.   

Jesse got here on Wednesday evening and talked our ears off about his experiences in Iraq.   I guess the telling comment would be when he talked about how odd it was while he was driving up I44 towards home and saw a column of smoke a few hundred yards off the freeway.   His first thought was, “Huh, I wonder what blew up?”   The usual thought around here is, “Someone is burning a brush pile, getting rid of ice storm  tornado damage.” 

He has a sweetpea down in Springfield, and has been spending a lot of time with her.  I’ll bet he gets lucky tonight.    She’s a nice girl and comes complete with already installed grandchild.   I could get into that, especially since I have met the young lady and her son already.    The little boy is smart and friendly, his mama is the same plus pretty. 

No sooner did Jesse get here than Jim got a terrible virus.   He probably picked it up at the hospital when he went up for his post-surgical meeting with his urologist.   He has had a fever for the best part of 24 hours.   It seems to be responding to the Ibuprofen, and we are keeping him properly hydrated, complete with electrolytes.  

Still, it was a bit stressful for us to have him getting a sudden fever after what happened to his sister-in-law over Christmas.   She had a bad pain in her abdomen, and went into the hospital for test and treatment.    While there she spiked a fever up to 106.5 degrees F.   Her brain sort of kicked off for a bit, but with proper support and a lot of good energy and prayer sent her way, she eventually recovered, started breathing and eating on her own, and is even talking.    What a tough lady.    Still, after going through that just a couple of weeks ago, when Jim’s temperature went from normal to 102.8 in about an hour it was just a tad bit unnerving.

I didn’t stop giving massages during the last couple of days.   Jesse hasn’t been around all that much, so why not keep giving people some healing work?    In between taking care of Jim and making sure that Griff was getting the right amount of attention, I really didn’t have a lot of time to sit at the computer.

Oh, that is just one big lie.   I sat here for a couple of hours last night and played solitaire games while I plotted the book I am thinking about writing.   I have some very cryptic notes and a very bare-bones outline laid out now, plus several vignettes of various scenes already written.   

While I was getting my massage this morning, this was what Mike and Griff were saying to each other:


A picture is worth a thousand words in this case.   Mike is definitely one big scary cat, especially since yesterday Griff got his nose slapped royally when he failed to notice the warning growl and posturing from Mike and continued trying to help Mike get a drink.

Ruby and Griff continue to play with great abandon when they are outside.   Ruby knows better than to tear around inside the house, she is way too big for that.   But Griff bounces around her feet, dancing and prancing.  He seems to view her as his very own big Golden Labrador Soft Chewy Toy.   If I spend any time talking to Griff while teaching him things like “Sit” and “Good dog”, I am laid with a reproachful stare from my Extremely Good Dog, “Why are you petting him?   How could you tell him he is a good dog?   What about me, anyway?”

It gets wearing on the soul, I’ll tell you.   

Jesse brought me a rock from Iraq, and I walked it into the labyrinth today.   Griff helped me do this job, and by the end of the walk along the paths was of the opinion that a third of a mile is a long way for such a small dog to run.   He didn’t pace himself very well; at the beginning of the walk he was boucing all over the labyrinth, from path to path, running ahead and then getting way too far ahead when I turned in one of the 180 degree switchbacks you follow on your way into the center.  

By the time we finished walking the inner quarter, he had settled down to just trotting along at my heels as I walked the paths.  I’m afraid the energy that the the Iraq rock will have for a long time is, “Good dog!”  I really couldn’t tell you how many times I said that to Griff during our walk!   I had to carry him a good deal of the way out of the labyrinth.  He was a very tired puppy by the end of the second third mile.

When we were on our way back into the inner yard from the labyrinth, I noticed the waxing crescent moon flying high in the sky, surrounded by the “bottle brush” of elm twigs our trees put on this year.   I’ll tell you, they are recovering from the ice storm very nicely.


I ran into the house to get the camera to get that shot, and of course when I came out the first time the batteries immediately ran out.   After I went back inside, replaced them, and reminded the camera of what date it was, I took the above shot.  As I was walking back to the house, I noticed how the wisteria twigs were framing that same crescent moon.


Even the sky is wisteria colored.  When I turned 180 degrees from that view, this is what I saw:


Sorry about the camera shake.   I was too lazy to go in and get the tripod.  The scene was nice and crisp with a flash, but just didn’t have the right glow off the abalone nacre.  

After I finished taking those pictures, I took a glance at the comments on my dashboard, and then I did a couple of massages.   I had a bout an hour break between those two massages, so I utilized that time to play with Griff, fold andput away three loads of laundry, and clean the bathroom thoroughly just in case Jim’s virus had shown up in there.   I could have vacuumed again, but I just did it yesterday and I didn’t feel like doing it again today.

Ruby was exhausted after dinner, but not too exhausted to forget about her evening promenade.   We like to go to all the parks, there are so many wonderful things to smell.   She has a softball which she chases obsessively.    She is so obsessive, even if she can hardly stand because she is so tired, she will still “Have” to go get the ball if you throw it again.   

One night I threw it one too many times, and she went on strike.   She chased the ball all right, but she would NOT bring it back.   She kept it firmly in her mouth and headed straight to where the car was parked, casting an admonitory glance back over her shoulder as she trotted towards it.    “I can’t trust you, I am not giving this back to you, you are too irresponsible,”  she seemed to be saying.

Tonight we went to Atchely Park, and I went around the circuit twice, which makes two miles.   I like the walk at this particular park the best because it has a very nice hill to climb.    It used to be better before they decided to ruin it by filling in the ponds and “terraforming” the place, which has resulted in some amazing erosion and mud where there used to be lawns.   

Ah, Progress! 

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