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Moving furniture

Ever since we got the new computer desk, which is truly a wonderful thing (don’t get me wrong), I have missed my big Army surplus solid oak officer’s desk. 

 We moved it into the back bedroom about a year ago,  our library cum guest room.   It takes up a lot of floor space in there.   The room itself is pretty much unheated, and so it actually is not a very great place to do any of my crafty paper play.   We have been talking about making that room the “home theatre,” which will involve moving the stereo equipment and the love seat back there.  Of course, we will have to figure out what is going to happen to all the books that are on the wall where the television and stereo are destined to go.   I suppose we could build in shelves on that entire wall, I don’t know.

Anyway, the desk was definitely needing to move out of that room, and we were talking about putting it in storage out in my Dad’s hangar or even selling it.    You have to understand, this desk is fully equipped with a large selection of paper, glitter, glue, paint, colored pencils, crayons, knives, scissors etc etc etc.  We thought that we could store all that stuff in our four drawer filing cabinet, and then I could get it out and use the dining room table when I wanted to make cards.

When I started trying to unload the desk drawers into the file cabinet, I realized that I just couldn’t do without my desk, and that I missed it being readily available to me.   

Today we got busy and moved the desk out into the family room and put the piano back in the back bedroom.   I’m sure my piano technician will disapprove of the new arrangement, but I play with paper and use the desk far more than I use the piano.  

The corner of the family room now looks like this.


It was so great to have it available, once I got everything stowed back in it (after cleaning out the drawers for the first time in years), I immediately got a bunch of stuff out and started playing with paper.  When it was time for dinner, all I had to do was turn off my desk lamp and go over to the dining table.   I did not have to clean up all my “mess” in order to eat.  It was so convenient!

I have been trying a new way of collage using the beeswax method I came across on Kate’s place.  After giving this method of doing collage the “good old college try” (the collage try?), I have about decided that I prefer glue to beeswax.    My results using wax are nothing like as wonderful as Kate’s, and I have not figured out how to properly incorporate glitter into the medium.  

I’m afraid I have earned my title of “Glitter Queen”, and cannot seem to make a card or crafty thing without using some somewhere in the opus.   Below you see a picture of the beeswax card plus three cards I created this evening in a spurt of creativity brought on by having my desk back in a usable place.


The beeswax card is the upper right.   It has been so long since I sat down and made cards that it took a couple of tries before I remastered the glitter application.   I think the one below turned out the best.


We have been enjoying Jesse being here.   He is seeing a young woman  (I mentioned her previously).   Yesterday he brought her over here along with her son, and after they spent some time wandering around they asked me to take their picture together.  This is my favorite shot of the three of them together.


Then I played paparazzi on them, and caught a really sweet shot.  


Her son is a natural dog trainer.   He had Ruby obeying his commands to “Sit”, “Jump”, and “Fetch”.   This next shot is one from the middle of a long series.  He was telling her to “Jump”, and she had not been jumping for him, so he was getting quite stern with her.


His attention worked.  Here she is, a couple of seconds later, jumping to his command.   I think it is quite cute that he has to jump too.


Jim seems to be completely over the virus that laid him low for a couple of days.   By some miracle I managed to avoid contracting it.   So far (knock on wood).

Meanwhile, I am enjoying having my desk back.   Of course, this means I now have TWO desks.  Or one and a half, since I share this one with Jim.

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