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After the rain

It was a briskly windy morning that we utilized to good effect, getting another few square yards of the new garden under cardboard and mulch.    One of my good friends came for a visit and we went on an extensive garden tour.   We went in for a cup of tea, and while we were chatting the gale gave way to soft rains.   It rained for quite a while, so after my friend left I spent some quality time curled up on the couch reading.  After the storm passed, I took Ruby for our usual walk in the  Conservation area.    We caught a couple of turkeys out foraging, but did not spot the red tail hawk who glared at us yesterday.   Following is a digest of what I saw lit magically by the sunlight shooting under the rain clouds as they dispersed.

Blue stem


The warm wet air meets the cold dry front — view to the east


View to the west while walking Ruby


Sunset culmination


Now the full moon is out and I am going to go walk the labyrinth.

Blessed be, everyone.

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