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I have it on good authority that it is spring.   If you don’t believe it, just ask the snowdrops.


They are not the only witnesses.   The crocuses down by the driveway are convinced as well. 


I think this has more to do with the ice melting off the south facing slope and a couple of soft rains than it actually being spring.

But we are getting ready.   We have worked steadily on the new addition to the stroll garden.   We finished the cardboard, rock edging and mulching operation on the horse shoe shaped bed.   


I decided that I wanted some scale in my picture and forced Jim to pose for me.   Then he took the camera away from me and went up on the roof of the house to get an overview of the job.



The area just above where Ruby is lying still has a little development to be done.   We intend to build that bed up into a slight mound using the dirt we created from the ice storm damage.   I think that area will be organic and well drained enough that I can plant penstemon and agastache there.    Just to the left of the driftwood piece is where the cannas will go, and right in front of it is where I plan to put dahlians, gladiolas and other things that need to be dug up for the fall.    This will be a big enough area that it will give me a wonderful blaze of color but not be so big that it will be impossible to dig up the things that need to winter over in the root cellar.

Now, all I need is plants.

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