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Today marks the 17th anniversary of the first day Jim and I met.   Next year at this time, I will have been with him for half of my life.   

We are planning to share a bottle of Eiswein that our friend Pete gave us for Christmas tonight.   

As promised, here is a portrait of Narcissus canaliculatus, one of the new mini-daffs I purchased last year.   Bear it mind, this little bloom is barely an inch across.   


In the background of the photo you can see the red stems of a peony I planted last fall enjoying the spring sunshine.  It was a gift from a client of mine.   I helped her relocate the parent plant, which wasn’t doing much of anything other than surviving where it was.    I am hoping this peony will grow and thrive here.   It has a long history.   

She got it from the “Home Place” where she grew up and her mother lived.    When they moved to that place, her mother had no flowers in her flower garden, and this peony was given to her by her aunt, who had had it from her mother.    So this peony has a family history of at least four generations.   It pleases me to have it in my garden, and to think about this gift of love carrying from one generation to the next, transiting over family lines to friends.

This is an arrangement of the newest blooms in the garden, all showed up for the first time yesterday.


I’m so happy my garden is looking particularly beautiful right now.   

I have much on my mind, but in keeping with the positive energy I want to portray in this blog, I shall keep it to myself.

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