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Christmas in April

I received money at Christmas time which the donors specified should be used to improve the gardens.  Being a properly dutiful gift recipient, I managed to refrain from using that money to pay bills, even though our finances were rather tight due to our tenant’s financial difficulties.   

In due course, Jim and I decided to put in blueberries, and some of the Christmas money got spent on that.   Then I made an order of grasses for the stroll garden Ornamental Grass Patch, and the box arrived yesterday.

I really had to control myself while I was making the order.   My garden plan required several plants that are not readily available around here, and in order to make the sort of look I wanted, I needed more than one of several of the varieties.    However, financial considerations dictated that I not order all the copies of plants, but instead I got one of each variety I desired.

Well, when the package arrived I was very pleased to note that several of the little babies they sent me were not just seedlings, but rather clumps of grass, with excellent root systems.   So, I sat there and made several from one, and planted the grassy area.    

This is now it looks now.


Not very prepossessing yet, but it will grow.   Not all the grass you see there came from the box.   I have several spots on the place where I already had established grass plants, so some of what you see above got transplanted from other areas.    I’m really looking forward to how it will be in a couple of years.

And, the bleeding heart has decided to bloom.   


Apparently, the snow the other day didn’t hurt it any.   

I’m off to transplant the broccoli and cauliflower plants I started earlier into the garden.

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