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The meme has been going on for quite a while, and I just started participating recently.   There are a lot of great photographers participating, and it is worth it to visit the site and click around to visit.

The theme this week is stripes, and I have been cogitating about it for more than just this week.   There are so many takes on this idea:   I have  a great stripey cat picture, there are striped rocks, there are stripes on flowers, fabric, the Stars and Stripes, etc. etc. etc.   

Believe me when I tell you that everywhere I looked I saw stripes!   Finally, I decided that I would share a few of the over 1000 pictures I took when I spent 9 days rafting in the stripiest place I’ve ever been:  The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

We flew over it on our way to the South Rim the day before we hiked down to the River.


Down at the River, we could see all those striped strata up close.



The closer you get to the rocks, the stripier they are.




Anyone who has spent any time around me in person or on my blog knows that I really wanted to take THAT rock home with me.   Too bad it was bigger than my duffel bag.  I couldn’t figure out how to carry it on the plane home, either.

My favorite image has to be the next one.   This is a maidenhair fern growing right out of the rock near a little waterfall on Havasu Creek.


This last image was not taken in the Grand Canyon, but near the headwaters of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park.   


Okay.  I could go on and on.   You get the picture.    The world is filled with stripes of all colors, shapes, and formed from myriads of media.   I can hardly wait to see what other people came up with.

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