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Freeze warning update

So, we went out and spread sheets all over the place, put buckets over roses and peonies, and wrapped the plum trees.  They look for all the world like giant luminarias.   In the following photo, just to the right of the two trees is the six foot orchard ladder.


We’ve done what we can do.  We’ll see how things are in the morning.

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Freeze warning

Well, like usual, the weather is doing its up and down thing.  After all the wonderful weather last week, this week began with a freeze warning for last night.  It was supposed to get down to just below freezing, and it did.   So far, so good; everything took the weather last night okay.

Right now we are enjoying gusty winds and snow flurries that aren’t sticking because the ground is warm.

But tonight the news is not so rosy.  The prediction is that the temperature will drop to almost 20 tonight.   

Our plums bloomed and set fruit two weeks ago.  They are semi dwarf trees, so we are going to attempt to protect them from the freeze.   We have purchased painter’s plastic drop cloths.  Our intention is to wrap them around the trees sort of teepee style, closing off the tops.  Overnight I will have a large pillar candle in a hurricane lamp burning under each tree’s teepee.   The hope is that this will provide enough protection and just enough heat to save the baby plums.    If we can make it through tonight, the weather is looking to head towards more spring-like temperatures with maybe some frosts but no really hard freezes.   

I’m planning on covering the hosta dell, if I have enough sheets I’ll try to protect some of the lilies that have come up out front.  Something will go over my bleeding hearts, something else over peonies.

I went out today and picked lots of daffodils for vases in the house, since it is likely that they won’t survive if the temperatures dip as low as expected.   

The vegetables are mulched up and they’ll be fine.  I don’t have anything out there that doesn’t like cool weather.   If the lettuces or beets die, I’ll just plant more.   No biggie.   

The only problem is, it has been very windy for four days and it isn’t supposed to really let up, and it may very well be that the covers over the trees will blow away in one of the promised 28 mph gusts.  We’ll see. 

Anyway, it is gardening in the Ozarks at its finest and most unpredictable.   What else can I say?

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