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It has turned gray and rainy on this quiet Easter Sunday.    We spent some time looking out the back bedroom window, patting ourselves on the back for how well the Stroll Garden has developed.   Remember, I planted this area last year.

This is the Rock Garden.


Take a minute to appreciate the drift of candytuft and Gold alyssum.   It all looks so different viewed from this side.   Just to the right is the Rain Garden.   It has rained enough today that it is starting to fill with water.  We changed the position of the rightmost rock in the Dragon’s Teeth a couple of days ago, and it looks much better now.  The group is better balanced.


Another few degrees to the north is the Rose Garden.   The little species tulips out there seem to be enjoying the cool, damp weather.


While I was sitting there in the open window photographing the scene, a robin showed up.   Despite the wet weather, a bird has to eat somehow, and the rain was bringing worms to the surface.


After a while, the rain increased in intensity, and he sought shelter under the overhang of the fence support.  That and the day lily seemed to be adequate for his needs.  He hung out there for several minutes.


Then the Cooper’s hawk flew into the yard and landed on the cross bar of the bird feeder pole.   A nice fat robin doesn’t risk the hunger of even a small hawk, and the worm hunter prudently flew away over the fence.

The little birds weren’t around either, so the hawk flew away over the trees that line the north border of our place to see if it couldn’t find a better stocked feeder.

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