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In between rain showers I took Ruby for a walk yesterday.   She really appreciated it and I needed to put in the time on the exercise path.   I took the camera along, and I was really glad I did.   There were lots of little spring flowers popping up every where.   

This group was taken on the edge of the sinkhole in the Conservation area where we walk.   I would describe this as a hardwood forest, there are a lot of oaks as well as hickories in this area.   What you are seeing is hepatica, also called Spring Beauty, and two colors of violets.   In the background you can see a stalk of phlox.


About four feet from where I took this picture, huddled up at the base of an oak tree, I discovered these Dutchmen’s Breeches blooming away.


While I was walking, I saw several species of woodpeckers — pileated, red-bellied, downy, hairy and flickers.   Today I walked the same area and heard flickers and pileated woodpeckers, but didn’t see any of the others.   I saw a golden crowned kinglet, the first time I’ve seen one out in the woods.  There were several indigo buntings.  There was also a wood thrush, singing its heart out.  I had never really had a opportunity to observe this bird close up before, and the song he was employing in an effort to attract a lady thrush was varied, melodic and compelling.   If I’d been a thrush, I’d have been right there!

The herd of deer that enjoy this open area within the city limits where Ruby and I walk were out enjoying the break in the rain too.   We saw three groups.   One had four individuals, looked like yearlings; they were in the sinkhole enjoying the river oats that grow down there.   The second group had over nine members, looked like some older does.    The last group had three members, three of them were very large and I think they were the boys.   

Admiring the river oats down in the moist bottom of the sink hole made me think of the bunch of them that my little sister dug up for me out on the part of her place she refers to as The Back 40.   She got plenty of dirt with them, and they are doing well in the Stroll Garden where I planted them.    

I spent several hours a few days ago weeding wild oats out from behind the Rosa eglanteria  where the birds planted them for me.    You know, wild oats is a perennial grass.

He just needs to sow his wild oats.   I sowed a few wild oats in my youth (nudge nudge wink wink)  Perennials come back year after year.

Think about it.

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