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Once again the middle of the month has rolled around and it is time to participate in the ritual Carol over at May Dreams Gardens started, Garden Bloggers Bloom day.   If you’ve never popped over to her place to see what is going on in gardens in the rest of the world, you’re missing a good time.   There are so many bloggers with beautiful gardens that are participating in this meme, it is well worth a visit.   One of my very favorite regular gardens to visit is Annie in Austin.   Mr McGregor’s Daughter has a wonderful place too.

Once again, I am inundated with work that I should be doing right when I want to put together a post for Bloom Day.   What I should be doing is weeding the little cherry trees out from under the forsythia that is out by the pond.   That bush is the waiting room for the bird bathing facility provided by the little waterfall into the pond.   Consequently, every kind of plant that robins like to feast on sprouts under it.   There are at least two cherries that are over a foot tall now, which means I didn’t get them weeded out last year (probably because I was doing a post instead of spending time in my garden).

I long ago started breaking the rules laid out by Carol.  Somewhere there is supposed to be a list of everything that is blooming right now, with a list of what just finished and what is coming on.

What just finished is the daffodils, the plum trees, the Korean spice viburnum and the forsythia.   What is coming on is the wood hyacinths.   What is blooming right now is the daffodils and the tulips, plus about every other flowering tree and bush we have, including the apples, lilacs, and spirea.

I have been doing “what is blooming today” posts all month, so feel free to scroll down in my blog and feast your eyes on the woodland flowers that are blooming in the park, or the Daffodil and Species Tulip border around the Rose Garden.

We have been enjoying some soaking rains lately, so everything is lush.   Especially the violet seedlings that have sprung up everywhere.   I wish I had never planted those things where they could take over a flower bed.

In the Hosta Dell, the big news is the primroses.


These have done so well.   I ordered a group of six from Wayside Gardens several years ago, and they have increased and multiplied so I have established them in several places.

Out in front, there are species tulips going berserk.    I just love these guys, and my goal is to have one of every variety McClure and Zimmerman offer.



Just in case you decided not to click over to the Daffodil and Tulip border, this is what it looks like today.


Now, just behind that is the rock garden.   The candytuft and alyssum are really getting special.


Just to the right of them is the Dianthus “Firewitch” which I bought last year from High Country Gardens.   I thought it had croaked during the hot part of summer, but look at it now.   In a couple of weeks it is going to be spectacularly in bloom.


The rock garden with all the sedums and hen and chicks is performing better than my wildest dreams could have imagined.   But today it is all about the Hens and Chicks.    Look at this little cutie — all set about with tiny chicks.  I had to stick my finger in there so you would get the scale of this.


Now I’m sorry.   That has got to be the most darling plant in the whole garden right now.   It is sights such as these that fuel my passion for gardening.   I’m sure all gardeners have motivations like this.    A full freezer is good, but there are things that are even more sublime.

Now, I really need to go.    Come back and see me some time.

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