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Abundance updated


Peonies and penstemon.


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This morning, I was checking the irrigation system in the Hosta Dell.  This is a very long system that goes along the west fence and finishes at the fern located next to the rock garden in the corner.   Every emitter seemed to be aimed correctly and emitting the appropriate amount of water, so I proceeded back towards the house, pulling tiny weeds as I went.   This led to me noticing a patch of sedums that were threatening to cascade over and drown a dianthus that was down slope of them, so I yanked out  pruned back the patch and looked at the resulting pile of rooted cuttings and cogitated over where would be a good place to apply them.   I finally decided they would look cool disporting themselves under the lilac bush down by the mailbox, so I transported them there forthwith.   After throwing them about briskly carefully planting them in their new home, I proceeded along the fences back to the house and thence along the front border, where I stopped for a moment to observe that the junipers in front of the house appear to be sick with the same fungus that killed the giant one across the street.  I spent a few moments contemplating what I should replace them with.  Eventually I arrived at the peonies, which insisted they be picked and brought in the house to grace my table.  I walked around until I found vase companions for them in the penstemon patch.     



This is the resulting arrangement, which incorporates the aging red peony from the passalong garden.   It chose to drop some of its petals as I was arranging the flowers, and I realized that the vase of flowers can symbolize so much.   There is the contrast of the newly opened with the flower on its last moments.  There is abundance:   the peony plant is covered with so many flowers right now no one can tell I picked five of them today.   And there is nothing quite so abundant as a peony.   Can you even count the petals as they unfold with such abandon?

The Kitchen Dragon with his collection of Earl’s Valentines seemed to be enjoying the show.


You have a great day, now.   I’m going out to finish trimming the inner circle of the labyrinth and meditate some more.   There is no place on the property more likely to remind me of the abundance in my life than that spot, with its rocks from all over the world collected and presented to me by so many, many people. 

I am indeed surrounded with an abundance of love, joy, beauty, health and prosperity.  May you be so also.

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