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I recently received an email alert about a “new” way scammers are stealing identities.  Not that it is actually that new, but I had never heard about it and upon reflection decided that I might have been taken in by it without having received the heads up.  It seems that the scammer calls the victim and through intimidation and relying on the victim’s own civic mindedness, convinces him (or her) that he is supposed to be on jury duty and if they don’t clear up the misunderstanding right away, the sheriff is coming with an arrest warrant.   In the course of the call, the victim is convinced to yield such info as birthdays, social security numbers, full names, etc.

In light of this, I was wondering if it was smart of me to post that this is my actual birthday, but I decided that if I just sit here and think about it, I can supply at least five people who are known to me personally, some are even relatives, that share this date of birth.   So how important is this information in the scheme of things?   So I am risking all, revealing personal information on the internet.   Somehow, I just can’t be bothered to worry too much about it.

So, 56 years ago today, my entrance into the world completely changed the whole atmosphere of the back seat of the 1949 Studebaker sedan that I arrived upon.   It’s been an adventure ever since.

Last night we received .70 inches of rain, accompanied by strong winds.   We did not enjoy any of the tornados, hail, flash floods, or damaging microbursts that the rest of the area did.   The rain garden looked like this shortly after the rain.


By using the flash, I got an amazing image of the ripples in the water caused by the raindrops.


This morning that rain garden looked like this.


So, when I woke up, there was a nice cup of coffee ready for me, a beautiful card from my spouse which contained a sentimental and heartwarming message, and a package at my place at the table.   It contained a wonderful hanging chair, which we decided would be perfect out under the arbor in the Hosta Dell.   There is a spot there that I have been landscaping for a seat for about four years now, and the absolutely perfect item is now in place.

Now, this is Jim putting the very well designed and beautifully crafted chair together.   I mean, they even spliced the ropes that suspend it rather than tying knots and melting the ends of the rope to keep them from unravelling.   I’m positive that the nice craftsmanship on this product just fills my sailor husband’s heart with glee and satisfaction.   But please note, in the following picture, he is actually reading directions  for the assembly and installation of the chair.


So, it isn’t surprising that it wasn’t long before I was actually sitting in it.  Of course, there were certain intermediate steps that involved a ladder, a cordless drill, a sturdy board, and long strong screws, plus a proper suspension bolt.   But all that stuff got accomplished without incident or argument.  Here I am doing q.a. on the installation.


You can just see the bandage on my left middle finger in this shot.   I managed to put it in the path of the jaws of my secateurs yesterday afternoon as I was cutting the spent flower heads off the candytuft.   That was definitely a blood sacrifice to the garden; I hope it appreciates this one (and all the others I have unwittingly performed over the years).  I have a deep slice (≈2 cm long) in the end of the pad of the finger, it went deep enough that it nicked that little arteriole that lives down there.  It bled freely.  What this has revealed to me in the ten hours since this accident occurred is just exactly how often I put my hands in dirt and water.   But no lasting damage has ben done, it is healing nicely and definitely not infected.


If I look blissed out, it is only because I am.   But who wouldn’t be?   This is the view I am enjoying from the chair, which is supremely comfortable.




Well, it took a while, but I finally emerged from the chair and headed back towards the house.   I looked back, and the chair hides unobtrusively back in the bower.


I just happened to find the secret that is hiding under the violets by the water faucet that is just to the left of where I was standing when I took the above picture.   Getting this picture has given me a new respect for wildlife photographers.   I discovered this infant bunny rabbit, and had my camera turned ON with the macro ON and I revealed him trembling and breathing heavily in about 7 spots before I finally was able to actually get a picture of him.   There were lots of shots of blurry bunny butt, believe me.


I did not allow Ruby to catch and keep this bunny.   She knew exactly what I was doing and found the whole process fascinating, and there was a moment when I thought I had lost the attention stakes when the little rabbit went streaking across the lawn right into her waiting jaws. I was quite happy (not to mention slightly amazed) that she obeyed me and dropped it, whereupon it streaked back into the violets and hid very effectively. I took her into the house, praising her greatly for her obedience, and went back out and ascertained that the little fellow is just fine if slightly overdosed with adrenalin at the moment.  So the bunny will live to munch on my cornflowers and, I hope, ultimately feed the great horned owl or one of the hawks that frequent the place.

The pleasures of the day are not quite over yet.   As I type this Jim is creating a carrot cake for my birthday.   I do have to do two massages, but that isn’t until much later today.

While we were messing around installing the chair, I glanced over at the section of the stroll garden where I have the things that have to be dug up each fall because they are not hardy:  dahlias, etc.


I walked over to look at the dahlias, and lo and behold!   One of the canna lilies Jim gave me for Valentine’s Day decided to open, today of all days.



And still the good things aren’t over!   There was birthday card from my older sister in the mail that Jim just brought it.   Now, I thought this was hysterically funny and laughed loud and long over it.   My husband, on the other hand, who has never actually seen or experienced the wonder that is the mammogram machine, did not get it until I gave him a graphic description of the process.   Even then I’m not sure he really found this quite as humorous as I did.


Now, please excuse me.  I believe I shall refill my coffee cup and go sit in my swing.

Y’all have a happy day.   I sure am.

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