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Celebrated the summer solstice with a bunch of friends by floating the Gasconade River this weekend.   Stayed out in the country at a place where there are at least five different kinds of frogs enjoying a pond near the house site.   We camped out in tents and listened to the amphibian chorus serenade us all night.   The concert was interrupted by a rowdy group of coyotes singing their way down the hollow we were camped above on their way to the river access.

We ate wonderful food, and a good time was had by all.

After we came home, I spent the afternoon watering various things and getting our camping cooking floating stuff washed and put away.  After all that work, I went out to sit in my swing .  While I was resting there, a goldfinch flew down from the bird feeder and checked on the ripeness of the echinacea in the Petite Prairie.


I went out and walked the labyrinth at sundown, sang in the directions and watched the sun set on the longest day of the year.

Back in the house, I am enjoying the latest iteration of “Bouquets You Can Only Have If You Are A Gardener.”  This one has lady fern, hardy gladiolus, a zinnia, and a dahlia.


May the seeds you planted in the spring grow strong and produce a bountiful harvest.

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