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Oh, I’m just so bummed out right now.   Aside from the fact that we are enjoying a wave of dangerous heat — temperatures in the high 90s and humidity to match — while I was out watering my rose/daylily bed along the privacy fence I discovered that another one of my roses has become infected with Rose Rosette Disease.

The latest victim is Rosa eglanteria, a very old cultivar that I chose because it is so resistant to pests and diseases, is sporting the characteristic witches brooms and distorted canes.    So, in addition to bidding farewell to another one of my roses, I now have the wonderful task of cutting it all back to the ground and burning the canes in the sultry heat.

As my mother used to say,  “Goody goody god damn.”

Guess I’d better get busy, before more of the mites that carry it catch the breeze and spread some more.


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