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I saw the Photohunt theme and knew this was a subject after my own heart.   After all, I am a rather obsessive rock collector.   There isn’t a single time I have floated that I haven’t found at least one rock to bring home from a gravel bar.   I have rocks in my house, rocks beside my house, a Japanese style rock garden,

13September2008 102

a scree slope rock garden,

13September2008 084

gardens terraced with rocks,rock paths, rocks forming a labyrinth, etc etc etc.   How to decide which rock to feature?

After a lot of consideration of the problem, which is definitely a problem considering that I have one half of my 11,000 photos assigned into keyword categories and only 564 of them feature rocks, I decided I would have to limit myself somehow.

There are rocks that are too large to tote home, but have amazing features.   This one, which I captured on film on top of Mt. Evans, Colorado, before it scurried off to its den to hide, is a quite amazing example of a quartz dike inclusion in granite.

Colorado & Kansas 167

I kind of bonded with it because it forms my initial.   But since it was about five feet in diameter, I decided not to bring it home.

I have been the recipient of many rocks for my labyrinth.   The inner circle contains rocks from all seven continents, including Antarctica,(a story of how I got the Antarctic rocks can be found here) and from 46 countries of the world.   It includes at least one rock from every one of the 50 states of the USA as well.   I have not collected all these rocks.   Many of them are gifts from people I have met only on the internet, or who heard from a friend or relative of mine of my project.   If you want to see a listing of where I have rocks from, check my “Rocks” page.

One day as I was doing some labyrinth maintenance, I noticed that the abalone shell at the entrance had shed a little of its nacre and was cupped within the tiny pond that actually forms the Western Point of the outer circle in the threshold rock.  This is a pretty nice photo, all told.


However, the rock that I am really featuring for this post involves a love story.

I was acting as the camp counselor/maid/groundskeeper for the Olympic Music Festival one summer lo these many decades ago, and during the middle of my stint there my husband arrived for a conjugal visit.   I took a day off from my duties and we drove up to Dungeness Spit to go for a walk.   This is truly an amazing place, because the spit of sand and rock extends for several miles out into the Puget Sound.   We walked out to the three mile post, and as we were walking we picked up trash along the beach.  I cast my eye on all the beautifully polished rocks that were out there.   Lust and covetousness entered my heart.

Suddenly, as we stood there enjoying the sun and the wind and the view, I spied a rock that spoke to me very loudly.   “Oh, I love that rock!” I exclaimed before I caught myself.

“Oh, do you really want it?” my husband replied.

“Yes, I do.   But it is so big and heavy,” I said.

“If you will carry the trash I have with me, I will carry that rock back to the car for you.”

And he did.   By the time we got back to the base of the bluff which you have to climb to get to the parking area, I was completely loaded down with trash.  I’m not sure who was carrying more weight, my husband or me.    Be that as it may, he carried that rock all the three miles of Dungeness Spit and then up the bluff too.   It has always been a house rock, and it has always reminded me of several things:   The first is that I must be careful of expressing my desires, because Jim is the sort of man who will do everything in his power to get me what I want.  The second is that I am loved.  The third is that there is always a price you must pay to get your heart’s desires, often the price is counted in effort more than anything else.

I value this rock more than any diamond I could wear on my finger.


And you thought it was just a rock.

Now, make sure you run over to the Photohunt site and check out the other entries.   There are lots and lots of wonderful photographers out there participating in this meme.


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