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Twenty-four years ago, we stood up in front of our families and friends and promised to love, inspire and sustain each other until death do us part.



I’m not going to say it has always been easy or fun:  a good marriage requires work and cooperation and compromises on both sides.   And you have to be willing to buckle down and solve problems rather than just throw up your hands and call it quits.

So far, it is working pretty darned well.    We are not wealthy, but we are rich in experience, love, and friendships.   And we have no mortgage, and aside from our car we are debt free.

Without further ado, a photo essay that indicates why I love this guy, why I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met and married him.



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Fire, etc




wine making testing acidity

wine making the press

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The incredible bouncing dog 1


Jim and Ruby

Oh.  And one more thing.   When I went down to the Spring River in Arkansas, the first night I was there at the campground where we were setting up the tent and campsite in the dark I snapped the ignition key of the truck off in the door lock.   Don’t ask.   Fortunately, Mabel’s cell phone worked down there, and so I was able to call Jim.   When I explained the situation, his response was this:  “Well, I know what I am going to do tomorrow.   I’m setting my alarm for 5:30, I’ll be on the road by 6 and I’ll be there with the keys by 9.”   Exactly that.   In a serene tone of voice.   And he was there.  With a kiss and the keys.  Then, after he had left for home but not long after, he turned around and came back.   “I suddenly realized I had left without us actually checking those keys to be sure they would work.”   And then he kissed me again and went home.

And that says it all.

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